Navigate to advanced model-driven app making and customization areas

This topic describes how to access advanced customization and administration areas that are available within a Power Apps environment.


The solutions area is where you can view, edit, create, import, export, and delete managed and unmanaged solutions.

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.

  2. On the top right select the Environment where your solution is located.

  3. On the left navigation pane, select Solutions.

    Reviewing the solution explorer

Solution explorer

Use solution explorer to perform app making and customization tasks that can’t be completed from the Power Apps website (

Solution explorer.

  1. From a Power Apps model-driven app, select Settings Settings. on the app toolbar, and then select Advanced Settings.

  2. Select Settings > Customizations > Customize the System, and then select the settings area that you want.

    Accessing advanced settings

  3. Use the settings area to configure email and document management, activate or deactivate processes, and more.

Next steps

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