Use Copilot in the email rich text editor

When you draft customer emails in the rich text editor in a model-driven app, Copilot can offer suggestions to make them clearer, more concise, and more compelling.


By using Copilot features powered by Azure OpenAI, you agree that data may be stored and/or processed outside of your geographic region, compliance boundary, or national cloud instance. Learn more: Data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service


The generative AI feature in emails must be turned on in the canvas app feature settings.

Draft and refine an email in the rich text editor

  1. Select the Copilot icon in the rich text editor toolbar and then select Draft with Copilot.

  2. In the Draft with Copilot dialog box, select a prompt as required.

  3. To refine or update the generated content, select the following options as required:

    Option Description
    Keep it Retains the current text and adds it to the email.
    Start over Removes the current suggestion and takes you back to the email prompt.
    Discard Removes the content suggestion and takes you back to email editor.
    Adjust Refines the text and tone of suggested content.
    - To adjust the length of the content, select Short, Medium, or Long.
    - To adjust the tone of the content, select Friendly, Professional, or Formal.
    Select Update and the content is updated according to your refinements.
    Translate Translates the content into the selected language. The languages listed here are those supported by your environment. To go back to the language that the content was originally generated, select Show original.

Adjust existing email content with Copilot

  1. Select the text that you want to refine.

  2. Select the Copilot icon in the rich text editor toolbar and then select Adjust with Copilot.

  3. Refine the length and tone of the selected text:

    • Length: Select Short, Medium, or Long to condense or expand on your text.
    • Tone: Select Friendly, Professional, or Formal to adjust the tone of your text.
  4. Select Update to apply Copilot's suggested refinements.

For example, Marina wants to send an email to a customer about a new product. Marina types a draft, selects Adjust with Copilot, and asks Copilot to rewrite the draft to be shorter and in a more formal tone.

  • Before Copilot's assistance:

    Hi Samir,
    My name is Marina; I'm a Sales executive at Contoso Inc. I was 
    recommended by Kevin to get in touch with you.
    I noticed on your website that you don't have CRM application. I'd 
    love to connect with you to discuss the potential of partnering up. 
    When would you have time to chat about this?
    If you want to learn more about the product first, here's a quick 
    Kind regards,
  • After Copilot's assistance:

    Dear Mr. Samir,
    I am Marina, a Sales Executive at Contoso Inc. Kevin recommended that I 
    contact you. I noticed that your website does not have a CRM application. 
    I would like to discuss the possibility of a partnership. When would you 
    have time to talk about this? If you would like to learn more about our 
    product, please refer to this link:

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