Use a flow to perform a change set request in Dataverse

Change sets provide a way to bundle several operations that either succeed or fail as a group. When multiple operations are contained in a change set, all the operations are considered atomic, which means that if any one of the operations fails, any completed operations are rolled back.

Follow these steps to get started with change sets.

  1. In your flow, select New step.

  2. Enter changeset into the search box of the Choose an operation card.

    Notice that the operations list now only displays operations with the word "changeset" in its name.

  3. Select the Perform a changeset request to add its scope to your flow.

    Change set request action.

  4. Select Add an action.

    Add an action.

    You’ll notice that this approach is different from any other action you’ve added in the following ways:

    • Instead of inputs and outputs, this is a container to which you can add actions.

    • When you select Add an action, you’ll see just the following three actions:

      • Add a new row

      • Delete a row

      • Update a row

    The three actions available for Perform a changeset request.

    You cannot have additional built-in actions inside of a change set scope because all actions are evaluated together in Dataverse. You will see that there are no arrows between each of the actions, indicating that there are no dependencies between these actions (they’ll all run at once).

  5. Add all of the actions that you want to perform.

    Executes a changeset scope.