Run desktop flow action

The Run desktop flow action enables you to call other desktop flows while running a specific desktop flow. To use the action, add it to the workspace and select the desktop flow you want to call. If the called flow contains input variables, the action will prompt you to enter their values.

To find more information about how to use the Run desktop flow action, go to Run desktop flow from other desktop flows.


  • A flow's dependencies can't be more than 30 other flows.
  • Two flows can't directly or indirectly call one-another as this causes a recursion.
  • In org tenants, the flows must be under the same environment.

Screenshot of the Run desktop flow action.

Run desktop flow

Runs a desktop flow that can receive input variables and may produce output variables. The parent flow run will be paused until the called desktop flow completes.

Input parameters

Argument Optional Accepts Default Value Description
Desktop flow No Desktop flow Select the desktop flow to run from within this flow

Variables produced

This action produces the output variables of the selected flow.


Exception Description
Run desktop flow failed Indicates a problem while running the desktop flow