Planning phase

Planning is the most important part in automating your process or task. When planning, you should consider the following:

  • What problem will the process automation solve?

  • Who will use the process automation?

  • What goals and objectives will it meet for users?

Knowing the answers helps you stay on track when you design your process automation. It's easy to fall into the trap of automating the process as the objective, rather than solving the problem.

The elements of planning your process automation are very similar to how you plan your app creation using Power Apps, and include:

  • Identifying the business problem to solve (the use case)
  • Deeply understanding the business process
  • Optimizing the business process with your solution
  • Deciding whether it's worthwhile to automate the process
  • Creating a project plan

For detailed information about each of these elements in the planning phase, read the planning section in Power Apps guidance content: Planning phase.

After reading the planning section in Power Apps guidance content, come back and continue reading the Designing phase in this guidance content.