Cancel or resubmit flow runs in bulk

You can resubmit previous runs of a flow in bulk. You can also cancel runs that are in progress.

Resubmit flow runs

Follow these steps to resubmit flow runs in bulk:

  1. Sign in to Power Automate.

  2. On the left panel, select My flows.

  3. On the right panel, select the cloud flow that you would like to resubmit or cancel.

  4. Select All runs.

    Screenshot that displays all runs for the selected flow.


    The flow must have runs to cancel or resubmit the flow runs.

  5. Select the flow runs that you would like to resubmit or cancel on the Run history page.

    Screenshot that displays the selected runs for the selected flow.


    You can resubmit or cancel up to 20 flows at a time.

  6. Select Resubmit flow run(s).

    Screenshot that displays Resubmit flow run(s) button.


    The number of flows that you can resubmit is limited based on the maximum number of API calls for the connectors in the flow.

Cancel flow runs

To cancel flow runs that are in progress, follow the steps to resubmit flow runs as outlined earlier in this article with one exception: In step 6, select Cancel flow run(s) as shown in the following image.

Screenshot that displays the Cancel flow run(s) button.


The resubmit and cancel features aren't available for sovereign cloud customers.