Business rules statistics (preview)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Along with statistics about your cases, activities, and edges, Minit collects statistics on each of your business rules. You can view them in the Statistics module.

In Statistics, select Business rules in the list at the top of the page. You can also select a scope. By default, the display includes all scopes.

Screenshot of business rules selected in the Statistics module.

Statistics are available at two levels:

  • Summary view: Displays a row of metrics for each business rule of the selected scope

  • Detailed view: Displays metrics per activity or edge for a single business rule

Summary view

The summary view displays a single row of metrics for each business rule you defined for the process or for business rules of the selected scope. The category isn't evaluated for event and edge business rules when you display them in the summary view. To display metrics per activity or edge, use the detailed view.

Screenshot of the summary view with all business rules selected.

If you select a scope other than All, the list of business rules is limited to rules of the selected scope.

Screenshot of the summary view with case scope business rules selected.

Detailed view

Event scope and edge scope business rules calculate results per event or edge. To display the details of events or edges, select the scope and then select a business rule of that scope.

  1. In the scope list, select either Event or Edge.

  2. Select the filter icon to the right of the scope.

  3. Select All and then select a business rule from the list.

    Screenshot of a single business rule selected for detailed display.

The table shows metrics for each activity or edge in the data set of the selected business rule.

Screenshot of the detailed view of business rule statistics.

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