Share process mining processes (preview)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

When you create a process in process advisor, only you can see it. But you may want to share the analytics and insights with others. Share your process mining processes with others in your organization so they can also glean insights to make decisions.

There are a few ways you can share your process.

Share from process lists page

  1. On the process advisor homepage, beneath the cards for the processes, select All processes.

    Screenshot of the 'All processes' button.

  2. Select More commands (the three vertical dots), and then select Share.

    Screenshot of the 'Share' menu option.

Share from process details page

On the process details page, you can share the process in one of two ways:

  • In the command bar, select Share.

    Screenshot of 'Share' in the command bar.


  • On the Share with card, select Manage.

    Screenshot of the 'Manage' button on the 'Share with' card.

Share from analytics report page

On the analytics report page, you can share the process by selecting Share in the command bar.

Screenshot of 'Share' option on the analytics report page.

Share panel

When you select the share action, a share panel displays. The share panel is where you select users in your Azure Active Directory (which may include external users) and share your process with them. You can search for any user to invite to your process in the Dataverse tenant.

When you share a process with others, the option to send an email invitation is automatically selected for convenience. Viewers are invited to view the process's analytics. There's a link in the email invitation that leads them to the shared process's analytics.

Screenshot of the Share panel, 'Manage access' screen.

Share action

The share action is available on the Processes screen for the following:

  • Each process where you're an owner.

  • The system administrator in the environment.

  • Any security role that has share permissions on process advisor system entities.

The share action is also available on the process details page with the same conditions. For process mining, only the co-owner and viewer roles are available for sharing with others.

Share a process with a co-owner

Adding a co-owner to the process allows the owner to include other people who can help manage the process. A co-owner can perform the following actions:

Share a process with a viewer

Adding a viewer to a process shares analytics and insights with other people. If the analytics have not been generated, the viewer would land on the process details page instead. A viewer can perform the following actions:


  • The admin experience for processes they don't own isn't supported.

  • Removing all process roles from a user (such as viewer) does not remove that process from the user's process list view. They can't perform any actions on the process.