View data insights on dashboard tiles with Power BI

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Each visual tile on your dashboard is a doorway into data exploration. When you select a tile, it opens a report or opens Q&A where you can filter and sort and dig into the dataset behind the report. And when you run insights, Power BI does the data exploration for you.

Screenshot of the insights of a dashboard tile.

When you run insights on tiles, Power BI looks at the data being used to render that tile. If Power BI finds interesting facts or trends in that data, you'll be presented with those facts or trends in the form of interactive visuals. Insights can be run on a specific dashboard tile and you can even run insights on an insight!

The insights feature is built on a growing set of advanced analytical algorithms developed in conjunction with Microsoft Research that we'll continue to use to allow more people to find insights in their data in new and intuitive ways. The dashboard insights feature is similar to the dataset quick insights feature.

Run insights on a dashboard tile

When you run insights on a dashboard tile, Power BI searches just the data used to create that single dashboard tile.

  1. Open a dashboard.

  2. Hover over a tile. select More options (...), and choose View insights.

    Screenshot showing selection of ellipsis displays dropdown

  3. The tile opens in Focus mode with the insights cards displayed along the right.

    Screenshot of insights cards.

  4. Does one insight pique your interest? Select that insight card to dig further. The selected insight appears on the left and new insight cards, based solely on the data in that single insight, display along the right.

Interact with the insight cards

Once you have an insight open, continue exploring.

  • Filter the visual on the canvas. To display the filters, in the upper right corner, select the arrow to expand the Filters pane.

    Insight with Filters menu expanded.

  • Run insights on the insight card itself. This is often referred to as related insights. Select an insight card to make it active. It will move to the left side of the report canvas, and new cards, based solely on the data in that single insight,will display along the right.

    Related insight and Filters menu expanded.

To return to your report, from the upper left corner, select Exit Focus mode.

Considerations and troubleshooting

  • View insights doesn't work with all dashboard tile types. For example, it is not available for Power BI custom visuals, streaming data, DirectQuery tiles, or data that is protected with RLS (row-level security).

Next steps

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