Filter a report by geographic location in the Power BI mobile apps

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iPhones iPads Android phones Android tablets Windows phones

When you look at a Power BI report on your mobile device, do you see a little pushpin icon in the upper-right corner? If so, then you can filter that report based on your geographic location.


You can only filter by location if the geographic names in the report are in English; for example, "New York City" or "Germany". Windows tablets and PCs don't support geographic filtering, but Windows phones do.


Power BI mobile app support for phones using Windows 10 Mobile has been discontinued as of March 16, 2021. Learn more

Filter your report by your geographic location

  1. Open a report in the Power BI mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. If the report has geographic data, you see a message asking to allow Power BI to access your location. Click Allow, then tap Allow again.

  3. Tap the push pin Push pin icon. You can filter by city, state/province, or country/region, depending on the data in the report. The filter only lists options that match your current location.

    Push pin filter

Why don't I see location tags on a report?

All three of the conditions below must be met for you to see location tags.

  • The person who created the report in Power BI Desktop must have categorized geographical data for at least one column, such as City, State, or Country/Region.
  • You are in one of the locations that has data in that column.
  • You're using one of these mobile devices:
    • iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod).
    • Android (phone, tablet).
    • Windows phone (other Windows devices such as PCs and tablets don't support geographic filtering).

Read more about setting up geographic filtering in Power BI Desktop.

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