Get data from the real world with the Power BI mobile apps

The Power BI mobile apps can connect the real world directly to related BI information. The features described below make this possible.

Barcode scanning

Power BI data can be tagged with barcodes in Power BI Desktop. These barcodes can then be attached to objects in the real world, such as machines on a shop floor or items on the shelf in a store. When you scan such a barcode using the Power BI app’s camera, the reports that contain barcode data can be opened, filtered to the specific barcoded data.

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QR code scanning

QR codes can be generated for reports and tiles in your organization. When you scan such a QR code, using either the Power BI app’s camera or any other scanning app you have on your mobile device, the report or tile that the QR code links to will open.

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Location-based report filtering

Some data in Power BI may be categorized as geographical data. When you view that report in the Power BI mobile app, Power BI automatically will filter the data according to your geographical location.

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