Drilldown API

The Drilldown API allows you to create a visual that can trigger a drilldown operation on its own, without user interaction.

The API enables the visual to show next level, expand to next level, or drill up based on the parameters passed to the API. For more information about drilling down, see Drill down support.

How to use the drilldown API


The Drilldown API is available from API version 4.7.0 To find out which version you’re using, check the apiVersion in the pbiviz.json file.

Add the following to the capabilities.json file:

    "drilldown": {
        "roles": ["Rows", "Columns"]

Example: Drilldown API

The following example shows how the visual call a drilldown operation.

public update(options: VisualUpdateOptions) {
        if ((options.dataViews[0].metadata.dataRoles.drillableRoles['Columns']).indexOf(powerbi.DrillType.Down) >= 0) {
            let args: powerbi.DrillDownArgs = {
                roleName: "Columns",
                drillType: powerbi.DrillType.Down