View diagnostics for Power BI paginated reports

APPLIES TO: Power BI service Power BI Report Builder Power BI Desktop

In this article, you learn how to view, read, and use the diagnostics feature of a paginated report rendered in the Power BI service. Diagnostics data provides report viewers with the ability to read displayed data on performance metrics and rendering.

Screenshot of the dialog box for diagnostics.

Any user with at least a Contributor role in a workspace can use this feature. Read more about workspace roles.

View diagnostics

  • On the View menu for a paginated report, select Diagnostics.

    Screenshot of the diagnostics ribbon option on the View menu.

    When you select the diagnostics button the dialog box appears.

Diagnostics data that's captured

The following table describes the data that's captured in the diagnostics dialog.

Property   Description  
Report ID   Paginated Report internal object ID. 
Report Name  The name of the paginated report rendered.
Capacity Throttled  Each capacity consists of a defined number of v-cores. The CPU time measured in utilization records reflects the v-cores' utilization, and that utilization determines if the workload exceeds the available resources. This value is displayed as either yes or no. For additional information, see Power BI Premium capacity load, overload, and autoscale - Power BI
Request ID   Paginated Report internal object ID. 
Data Retrieval time  Number of milliseconds (ms) spent retrieving the data from its source.
Row Count   Number of rows returned from queries.
Processing Time   Number of milliseconds (ms) spent processing the report.
Rendering Time   Number of milliseconds (ms) spent rendering the report.
Rendering ID   Paginated Render and ProcessParameters IDs can be used to correlate the OperationName in the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app.
Start Time in UTC Start time in UTC indicates the duration of a report process. It can be used in conjunction with the rendering ID (OperationName) start and end time in the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app..
Render Format   JSONRPL, PDF, XLSX 
Content Size   Size of rendered reports in kilobytes (kb).

Considerations and limitations

This feature isn't available in Power BI apps or in the paginated report visual. It's designed for report authors to view performance data coming from a paginated report in the Power BI service.

Next steps

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