Assign table permissions

Table permissions assigned to web roles allow members of the web role to access data that's stored in Dataverse tables.


When the Anonymous users web role is granted access to a table, any user who visits the site can access the data in the table.

  1. In your Power Pages site, select Set up > Table permissions.

  2. Select a table permission.

  3. In the Roles section, select + Add roles.

  4. Select the role or roles to assign the table permission to.

    Screenshot of adding web roles to a table permission in Power Pages.

    If the web role isn't listed, select Manage roles to open the Portal Management app. Create the role and save it. Return to the design studio and select Sync, then refresh the browser page. Start again at step 2.

  5. Select Save.

Anonymous users web role

If you add the Anonymous users web role to a table permission, the data in the table is visible to anyone.


If your site visibility is set to public, an icon appears next to the site name in the design studio and the following message is displayed: The data displayed in your site can be seen by anyone. If that's not what you want, change or eliminate the "Anonymous" role in your table permissions.

To restrict access to your site's data, follow the steps to assign table permissions and clear the checkmark next to the Anonymous users web role.

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