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Business value

Users working with data table objects in Power Automate for desktop are limited if they don't have Excel or SQL database and knowledge of SQL or Robin expressions. As a result, they frequently resort to using nested loops and apply conditions throughout the way. For example, if you want to modify the value(s) of a cell within a table without the new actions, you must iterate for each row to meet some criteria, create a list of matching coordinates in the table, and then use a Robin expression to update the identified cell(s).

Feature details

The data table module of actions simplifies the user experience with the addition of the following actions:

  1. Create new data table: this action allows users to define the row and column count for a new data table object. Also, there is a table builder wizard which allows for further customizations.
  2. Insert row into data table: this action allows users to insert values into table rows.
  3. Find or replace in data table: this action provides functionality to either find the coordinates of a match or find and replace values within a data table object.
  4. Update data table item: this action allows users to change a value within a table.
  5. Delete row from data table: this action allows users to delete a record in a table.

These new Power Automate for desktop actions simplify the process of working with table actions and significantly reduce the time it takes to do so, mainly when working with larger data sets.

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