What's new and planned for pro development


This content is archived and is not being updated. For the latest documentation, go to Microsoft Dataverse Developer Guide. For the latest release plans, go to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform release plans.

This topic lists features that are planned to release from April 2022 through September 2022. Because this topic lists features that may not have released yet, delivery timelines may change and projected functionality may not be released. For more information, go to Microsoft policy.

For a list of the next wave's release plans, go to 2022 release wave 2 plan.

In the General availability column, the feature will be delivered within the month listed. The delivery date can be any day within that month. Released features show the full date, including the date of release.

This check mark ( ) shows which features have been released for public preview or early access and for public preview, early access, and general availability.

Fusion development

Rich tooling is available for the professional developer to easily extend Microsoft Power Platform and provide for a true no-cliffs application development and automation experience.

Feature Enabled for Public preview General availability
Provide the ability to create and update custom connectors using Power Platform CLI Users, automatically Sep 15, 2022 To be announced

Microsoft Power Platform connectors

The connector platform provides a rich set of connectors for customers, and lets partners and customers develop connectors efficiently.

Feature Enabled for Public preview General availability
Azure Key Vault secrets can be used in custom connectors using environment variables Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Apr 1, 2022
OpenAPI 3 support for custom connectors Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Sep 30, 2022

Description of Enabled for column values:

  • Users, automatically: These features include changes to the user experience and are enabled automatically.

  • Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically: These features are meant to be used by administrators, makers, marketers, or business analysts and are enabled automatically.

  • Users by admins, makers, or analysts: These features must be enabled or configured by the administrators, makers, or business analysts to be available for their users.

For a list of the countries or regions where Dynamics 365 business applications are available, go to the International availability guide. For more information about geographic areas and datacenters (regions), go to the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform availability page.