Manage Bing Maps for your organization

Learn how you can manage Bing Maps for your entire organization. When Bing Maps is turned on, people see a map of a customer's location when they view contacts, leads, or accounts.


Customer Engagement (on-premises) organizations may need to enter a Bing Maps Enterprise Key to use the maps feature. Go to the Bing Maps licensing page for details on how to get a key.

Turn Bing Maps on or off for your organization

  1. Browse to the Microsoft Power Platform admin center and sign in using administrator credentials.

  2. Go to Environments > [select an environment] > Settings > Product > Features.

  3. Under Embedded content, turn on Bing Maps.

  4. Select Save.

Languages and regions supported for viewing Bing Maps

Bing Maps are not available in all countries, regions, or languages. When supported, the Bing map is shown on the form, such as account, contact or lead, in your language. When unsupported, the map is not shown on the form. Instead, the link Click here to view the map is provided on the form. When you choose this link, you are taken directly to Bing Maps.

You can configure the language in Languages tab options and region in Formats tab options.

The following table contains a list of all languages supported for viewing Bing maps.

Language Culture code
Czech cs-CZ
Danish da-DK
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-BE
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
English (Australia) en-AU
Canada (English) en-CA
English (India) en-IN
English (United Kingdom) en-GB
English (United States) en-US
Finnish fi-FI
French (France) fr-FR
French (Canada) fr-CA
German (Germany) de-DE
Italian (Italy) it-IT
Japanese ja-JP
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb-NO
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Spanish (Spain) es-ES
Spanish (United States) es-US
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE

Even if a language is supported, you may not be able to view maps for certain regions. For a list of supported countries and regions, see Bing Maps documentation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 looks at the user's regional format setting.

Privacy notice

If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Bing Maps feature automatically sends the address over the Internet to the Bing Maps service to display an online map of the address within Dynamics 365. If you click on the Bing Maps within Dynamics 365, you will be redirected to Your use of Bing Maps is also governed by the Bing Maps End User Terms of Use.

Your administrator can turn the Bing Maps feature on or off in the Settings > Product > Features area. Turning the Bing Maps app off disables the feature within Dynamics 365.

Information sent to Bing Maps is subject to Microsoft Privacy and Cookies.

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