Data policies

With Managed Environments, admins can easily identify all the data policies that are applied to an environment. Data policies define the consumer connectors that data can be shared with. They make sure that data is managed in a uniform manner across your organization. They also prevent important business data from being accidentally published to connectors like social media sites. For more information about data policies, go to Data loss prevention policies.

View a managed environment's data policies

  1. In the Power Platform admin center, select a managed environment and edit its Managed Environments settings.

  2. In the Data policies section, select See active data policies for this environment.

    Screenshot of an Edit Environment Management settings screen, with See active data policies for this environment highlighted.

The data policies page opens in a new tab. The view is filtered to display only the data policies that are applied to the managed environment.

Screenshot of the data policies page in Power Platform admin center.

To remove the environment filter and view data policies applied to all environments, select Clear filter.


The environment filter is exclusively available for managed environments.

If no data policies are applied to the environment, the data policies page is empty. We highly recommend that you protect all environments in your tenant with a data policy.

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