Limit sharing

In Managed Environments, admins can limit how broadly users can share canvas apps. To configure these rules, select a managed environment from the environments list in the Power Platform admin center. Then, select Edit Managed Environments in the command bar. The sharing rules are located in the Limit sharing section.

Screenshot of an Edit Environment Management settings screen, with Limit sharing highlighted.

Sharing rules

Sharing rules System behavior when selected
Don't set limits Select to not limit sharing canvas apps.
Exclude sharing with security groups Select if users aren't allowed to share canvas apps with any security groups or with everyone.
Limit total individuals who can be shared to If Exclude sharing with security groups is selected, you can control the maximum number of users with whom a canvas app can be shared.


Sharing rules are enforced when users try to share an app. Sharing rules don't change who an app already has been shared with.

After sharing rules are set in the Power Platform admin center, it may take up to an hour for them to start getting enforced.

Sharing rules in Dataverse for Teams environments do not impact sharing to a Team when you select Publish to Teams. However, when a user attempts to share with individuals or groups in a Team other than the one bound to the environment, the sharing limits are enforced.

If a user tries to share a canvas app that contradicts the sharing rules, they will be informed as shown below.

Screenshot of a message when canvas app doesn't respect sharing rule.

Surface your organization’s governance error content

If you specify governance error message content to appear in error messages, it will be included in the error message displayed to users. See PowerShell governance error message content commands.

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