Opt-out of automatic license-based user roles management

How to request my organization opt-outs?

Submit a support ticket requesting to turn off the automatic license-based user role management for your environment/organization or tenant. Include the information of your organization unique name or ID and your tenant ID (portal.azure.com > under Azure services > Tenant properties).

What to expect once the automatic role assignment is turned off for your organization

  • System will no longer be automatically adding or removing the roles from users based on the licenses assigned to them.
  • Only license-based roles will be impacted by this setting. Default security roles or any other roles management will continue to behave like they currently do.
  • Existing license-based roles assigned to users in the system will not be altered with this setting.
  • Once the feature for auto management is turned off, it can’t be re-enabled for auto management.

How do users get these roles that used to be automatically added or removed once opted-out?

Administrators can add and remove the appropriate roles to users through the Power Platform admin center.

Does this impact the "Default" environment too?

For the "Default" environment, Environment Maker and Basic User roles will continue to be automatically assigned to users even after opt-out.