User settings

Managing user settings can be done in the Power Platform admin center. Use the following steps to change user settings.

  1. In the Power Platform admin center, select an environment.

  2. Select Settings > Users + permissions > Users.

  3. Select the check mark to the left of a user name.

  4. Select a user setting from the top menu bar.

User settings menu bar

Setting Description
Run diagnostics Access diagnostics on a user in an environment. See User diagnostics.
Manage security roles Assign security roles to control a user's access to data through a set of access levels and permissions. See Assign a security role to a user.
Refresh user Re-sync the User page from Azure Active Directory.
Change position Specify the position that you want to assign a user. See Hierarchy security to control access.
Change manager Specify the manager you want to assign to a user. See Hierarchy security to control access.
Reassign records Assign all the records owned by the current user or team to a user or team.
Change business unit Change the business unit a user is assigned to. See Change the business unit for a user.
Manage teams Add or remove a user from a team. See Microsoft Dataverse teams management.

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