Retrieve the list of rulesets

Rules are grouped together using a ruleset. Rulesets can have one or more rules with no limit. A rule can be in no ruleset, or multiple rulesets. Use a GET request to obtain a list of all rulesets available by calling the API, [Geographical URI]/api/ruleset.


This API does not require an OAuth token, but can accept one if provided.

Expected responses

HTTP status code Scenario Result
200 One or more results were found See example below. One or more results may be returned.
204 No results were found No results response body is returned.

Expected response body

The following table outlines the structure of the response for each request (HTTP 200 response only).

Property Type Expected value Required?
id Guid Identifier of the ruleset Yes
name string Friendly name of the ruleset Yes

Example: retrieve all rulesets

This example returns data for all of the rulesets available.


GET [Geographical URI]/api/ruleset?api-version=1.0
Accept: application/json
x-ms-correlation-id: 9E378E56-6F35-41E9-BF8B-C0CC88E2B832
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

        "id": "083a2ef5-7e0e-4754-9d88-9455142dc08b",
        "name": "AppSource Certification"
        "id": "0ad12346-e108-40b8-a956-9a8f95ea18c9",
        "name": "Solution Checker"

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