Upload a file for analysis

The initiation of an analysis job requires a path to an Azure blob that is accessible by URL. The ability to upload a file to Azure blob storage in the specified geography using the upload service is provided. It is not required that the upload API be used in order to run analysis. You can upload using a POST request to the following: [Geographical URI]/api/upload?api-version=1.0. Uploading a file up to 30 MB in size is supported. For anything larger you will need to provide your own externally accessible Azure storage and SAS URI.


This API does require an OAuth token.


Name Type Expected value Required?
Authorization string The OAuth 1 bearer token with Microsoft Entra ID Application ID claim. yes
x-ms-tenant-id GUID The ID of the tenant for the application. yes
x-ms-correlation-id GUID The Identifier for the analysis run. You should provide the same ID for the entire execution (upload, analyze, status). yes
Content-Type object multipart/form-data yes
Content-Disposition object Include the name and filename parameters, for example:
form-data; name="solution1.zip"; filename="solution1.zip"

Expected responses

HTTP status code Scenario Result
200 Upload was a success No result body
400 A non zip file was sent, incorrect parameters, or a file was included with a virus No result body
413 File is too large No result body

Example: upload a file

This example demonstrates how a file can be uploaded that is to be analyzed.


POST [Geographical URI]/api/upload
Accept: application/json
x-ms-correlation-id: 9E378E56-6F35-41E9-BF8B-C0CC88E2B832
x-ms-tenant-id: F2E60E49-CB87-4C24-8D4F-908813B22506
Content-Type: multipart/form-data
Content-Disposition: form-data; name=mySolution.zip; filename=mySolution.zip


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8


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