Use Copilot to generate deployment notes in pipelines

Makers spend time and energy noting what is included in their deployed solution to give enough context for any admin approving (triggered via extensibility) their deployment requests or viewing their pipeline deployment record. With AI-generated deployment notes, in just seconds, a solution summary can be generated for the maker and pre-fill the deployment notes field, giving anyone viewing the deployment request or record enough context to understand what the solution does and what it contains.

When you deploy solutions in a pipeline in Power Platform, you can deploy with notes.



  • One or more pipelines must already be created and associated with the environment that's used for development.
  • You must have access to run a pipeline. More information: Grant access to edit or run pipelines
  • Your pipeline, and all of its linked environments, must be in the United States region to use this feature.
  • The Power Platform Pipelines solution must have App Deployment Anchor Solution version or later version. For information about how to update a solution, go to Environment-level view of apps
  • The setting for AI deployment notes must be set to Enabled in the Deployment Pipeline Configuration app for each pipeline you want to use this feature with.

Deploy a solution with Copilot generated deployment notes

Solutions can become complex, often containing dozens of components that are difficult to partition and summarize. With pipeline deployments, admins and deployment approvers have to open the solutions themselves to gain an understanding of what’s included unless that information is provided in the deployment notes. By helping makers generate useful solution descriptions with AI, Copilot saves valuable time and provides better, more accurate information than makers could within the generation time. These descriptions are generated for you, pre-filling the deployment notes field.

Deployment notes generated by AI, containing a solution description and component overview

Disable AI-generated deployment notes

By default, AI-generated deployment notes are enabled for pipelines in Power Platform. To disable the feature for a pipeline, follow these steps:

  1. Play the Deployment Pipeline Configuration app in the pipelines host environment.
  2. Select Pipelines in the left navigation bar.
  3. Open the pipeline that you want to disable AI for.
  4. Set "AI deployment notes" to Disabled via the dropdown list.
  5. Go Back to solutions in the maker experience, if still running, and refresh to ensure the change was made.

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