Nurture best practices

When your organization adopts Microsoft Power Platform, you’ll want to consider how you'll nurture your community of makers to ensure they're using the tools you've invested in to further the goals of your organization.

Nurture activities include understanding what's important to those within the organization, what they are trying to achieve, and how they're trying to grow. It's with this information that an organization can connect business needs with the needs of individuals to become effective in implementing their vision.

Nurture means answering the following questions. Perhaps you won't have good answers for these questions yet, but like many things it's a journey and we recommend getting started.

  • Who are our makers?
  • How can we help them succeed?
  • How can we recognize their efforts and successes?
  • How can we grow the community?

In the end, nurture means connecting the dots and creating a whole that is better than the sum of its parts.


In addition to the material found in the section of the documentation, the Microsoft Power Platform Adoption Workbook contains practical step-by-step guidance for nurturing your Power Platform community. You'll find this workbook and other resources on the Microsoft Power Platform Adoption website.