CoE CLI development adding a new command (Deprecated)


The CoE CLI is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use the Power Platform Project Setup Wizard to set up and manage your ALM Accelerator for Power Platform projects.

To add a new sample command, you can use the following command to template the initial setup of the TypeScript command and the Jest JavaScript testing framework unit test.

cd coe-cli
coe cli add -n sample

Connecting the command to the command line

Once you have the unit test completed for your new command, perform these tasks:

  1. Review on commands, options.

  2. Update commands.ts to include a new command or sub command.

    • Import your files at the top of the file.
    import { SampleArguments, SampleCommand} from './sample';
    • Add a function for mock injection.
        createSampleCommand: () => SampleCommand
    • Create the command in the constructor function.
           this.createSampleCommand = () => new SampleCommand
    • Add the function.
        AddSampleCommand(program: commander.Command) {
            var run = program.command('sample')
                .description('A new sample command')
                .option('-c, --comment <comment>', 'The comment for the command')
                .action(async (options: any) : Promise<void> => {
                    let args = new SampleArguments();
                    args.comment = options.comment;
                    let command = this.createSampleCommand();
                    await command.execute(args)
    • Register the new command to init function.
  3. Update commands.spec.ts to include the unit tests.

    • Include a reference to the command.
    import { SampleCommand } from '../../src/commands/sample'
    • Add a set of Jest tests.
    describe('Sample', () => {
        test('Execute', async () => {
            // Arrange
            var commands = new CoeCliCommands();
            let mockSampleCommand = mock<SampleCommand>(); 
            commands.createSampleCommand = () => { return mockSampleCommand }
            // Act
            await commands.execute(['node', 'commands.spec', 'sample', '-c', 'Some comment'])
            // Assert
  4. Run the unit tests with the new changes.

    npm run test