Center of Excellence (CoE) Command Line Interface (CLI) installation

To install the CoE CLI:

  1. Download the CoE Starter Kit compressed file.

  2. Extract the zip file after downloading.

  3. Open unzipped folder and open the coe-cli folder

    cd coe-cli

Next, select either local install or Docker install.

Local install


To run the CoE CLI application, you'll need to install the components below.


The CoE CLI has been tested with Azure CLI version up to 2.38.0

  1. An installation of Node 16+.


  2. Azure CLI (version 2.37.0+) is required for user authentication and Azure Active Directory integration.

    a. Install Azure CLI

  3. PowerShell Core (version 7.2+)

    a. /powershell/scripting/install/installing-powershell

  4. Git CLI (version 2.37.2+)


Non Administrator Install

If you do not have administration rights you can use the Non Administration Install

Checking prerequisites

To check that the prerequisites have been installed correctly and the correct versions are installed, use the following commands at the command prompt.

  1. Verify the node version.

    node --version
  2. Verify the Azure CLI version.

    az --version


  1. Install application dependencies.

    npm install
  2. Build the application.

    npm run build
  3. Link to the CoE CLI application.

    npm link


  • On Windows, you may need to add %APPDATA%\npm to your PATH environment variable to access the coe command.

  • Install Azure CLI. Follow the install instructions for your operating system at Install Azure CLI.

Docker install

One method of installation is via Docker.

Docker prerequisites

To run the CoE CLI application, you'll need the following software.

  • A local install of Docker. The install can be either Community Edition or Enterprise Edition. If you're installing onto a desktop environment, you'll normally pick a Community Edition deployment.

Docker install steps


On some operating systems, you may need to use sudo before each of the Docker commands.

  1. Build docker image.

    cd coe-cli
    docker build -t coe-cli . 
  2. Using the docker image.

    docker run -it --rm coe-cli

This command will start a new interactive console (-it) and remove the Docker container (--rm) when the console session exits. Using --rm ensures that any cached credentials are removed when you exit.

Next steps

Install ALM Accelerator