Test Power Apps in CICD pipelines


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Business value

Test Engine is the future of testing Power Apps. With its initial launch in late 2022, the open-source Test Engine project took the first step in realizing a unified testing solution for Power Platform provided makers with the capability to write tests in Power Fx for their canvas apps and run them locally. We're enhancing Test Engine to enable test automation with Power Platform CLI, Azure DevOps tasks, or GitHub Actions, enabling organizations to run test passes as part of their ALM strategy.

Feature details

Testing is an important part of the software development lifecycle. Adequate functional testing of applications helps to ensure that business processes stay unblocked, helps to reduce support costs, and helps to build trust in your applications. As apps grow and become more complex, the ability to ensure that changes don't break or alter the app experience becomes even more critical. Our mission is to empower all makers of Power Apps to easily create robust tests that can be seamlessly integrated into your organization’s application lifecycle management (ALM) practices.

Test Engine is an evolution of our Power Apps testing tools. Test Engine builds upon the key use cases of Test Studio, but it takes it in a new, powerful direction through open source collaboration and use of the Playwright browser testing platform. The goals of Test Engine are to provide customers with a robust testing platform for all types of Power Apps and to make it super easy to integrate automated testing into your app development processes.

This feature builds upon the existing release of Test Engine by adding support that makes it easy for makers to integrate automated testing into CI/CD processes. With this feature set, Test Engine is now part of the Power Platform CLI and makers can now execute tests with a single command without having to build a GitHub project. With GitHub and Azure DevOps integration, it's now easy for makers to make automated testing part of their ongoing processes.

Add automated app testing into your Power Apps ALM processes.