Monitor usage of AI Builder models including GPT outputs


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically May 23, 2023 Sep 2024

Business value

Companies can monitor usage and performance of models with preconfigured monitoring reports. This facilitates the adoption of AI Builder in production scenarios.

Feature details

Preconfigured monitoring reports are available for you to track which AI Builder models are used, how often they're used, and their associated credit consumption. This ensures greater tracking capabilities and allows AI Builder models to deploy more easily in a production setting. Through effective management of the historical data that your Power Automate flows, apps in Power Apps, or other Microsoft Power Platform products generate, you ensure that your Dataverse environments remain efficient and cost-effective.

Use the AI Builder activity page to view AI model activity, including activity that’s generated in Power Apps and additional tracking of inputs and outputs for GPT text generation models. You can customize this data by applying a filter for the timeframe or model. The data on the AI Builder activity page is helpful for makers who want to monitor the use of their AI models. It's also helpful for environment admins who want to monitor all activity and credit consumption in an environment.

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