Power Fx integration with Power Automate for desktop


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Dec 18, 2023 - Sep 2024

Business value

You can now create automation flows through scripting using Power Fx. Power Fx enables the full spectrum of development from no-code makers without any programming knowledge to pro-code for the professional developers. It enables diverse teams to collaborate and save time and effort.

Feature details

Power Fx is the low-code language for expressing logic across Microsoft Power Platform. It's a general-purpose, strong-typed, declarative, and functional programming language. Power Fx is expressed in human-friendly text. It's a low-code language that makers can work with directly in an Excel-like formula bar or Visual Studio Code text window. The "low" in low-code is due to the concise and simple nature of the language, making common programming tasks easy for both makers and developers.

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