Limit access to Dataverse TDS endpoints with IP firewall


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts May 17, 2024 Jun 2024

Business value

As an administrator, you can restrict unauthorized access to your Microsoft Dataverse TDS endpoints from IP ranges outside of your configured business ecosystem.

Feature details

By using the IP firewall feature, you can apply access controls when needed to help keep your organization secure and stay out of your users' way when not needed. IP firewall analyzes and enforces the IP address of each request in real time. For example, suppose the IP firewall is turned on in a Dataverse environment, and IP ranges are set with the IP address of the office location. When a user decides to access the resources from another location, such as a coffee shop, Dataverse denies access to resources in real time.

Today, IP-based firewalls for Microsoft Dataverse APIs don't exist, but in 2024 release wave 1, administrators can configure the IP ranges for their businesses in the Power Platform admin center where Dataverse APIs can be accessed.

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