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Windows Media Player 11 SDK Object Model Reference for Scripting 

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Object Model Reference for Scripting

The object model reference for scripting contains detailed information about the Windows Media Player ActiveX control object model. The information in this section is presented in a style designed for use with script languages like Microsoft JScript.

Note All methods, properties, and events are fully supported in Windows Media Player 10 Mobile or later unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The object model reference for scripting contains documentation for the following objects and their associated methods, properties, and events.

Object Description
Cdrom Methods and properties for accessing a CD or DVD in its drive.
CdromCollection Methods and properties for accessing a collection of CD or DVD drives.
ClosedCaption Properties for including captions with a media item.
Controls Methods and properties representing the transport controls of Windows Media Player, such as Play, Stop, and Pause.
DVD A property, methods, and events for working with DVDs.
Error Methods and properties providing access to a collection of ErrorItem objects.
ErrorItem Properties that provide information about errors.
Media Methods and properties relating to media items.
MediaCollection Methods that provide access to a collection of Media objects.
MetadataPicture Properties for retrieving information on the image values of the WM/Picture metadata attribute.
MetadataText Properties for retrieving metadata for complex textual metadata attributes.
Network Properties relating to the network connection of Windows Media Player.
Player Methods, properties, and events that Windows Media Player can be programmed to respond to.
PlayerApplication Methods and properties for switching between a remoted Windows Media Player control and the full mode of the Player. Can only be used with C++ programs that embed the control in remote mode.
Playlist Methods and properties for manipulating lists of media items.
PlaylistArray A method and a property for accessing a collection of Playlist objects by index number.
PlaylistCollection Methods for organizing a collection of Playlist objects.
Query Methods for modifying a compound query.
Settings Properties that allow the specification or retrieval of Windows Media Player settings.
StringCollection A method and a property for manipulating collections of strings.

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