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Note This topic describes functionality designed for use by online stores. Use of this functionality outside the context of an online store is not supported.

The changeView method changes the view in Windows Media Player.





A library location constant that specifies the type of the new library view. For example, the constant CPGenreID specifies that the new view will show a particular genre.


String containing the ID of the specific item to show in the new view. For example, if LibraryLocationType is CPGenreID, then this parameter specifies the ID of the genre to show in the new view.


String containing the filter for the new view. The view will be filtered as if the user had entered this text in the Player's word wheel control.


String containing parameters that the online store wants to associate with the new view. These parameters are not interpreted by Windows Media Player. They are created by the online store and have meaning only to the online store.


The ViewParams parameter provides a way for a discovery page to communicate with another discovery page. When script on a discovery page calls changeView, Windows Media Player adjusts its user interface. That adjustment causes the Player to call the plug-in's IWMPContentPartner::GetTemplate method to get the URL of a new discovery page. The string that the original discovery page passes in the ViewParams parameter does not get passed to GetTemplate. However, the new discovery page can retrieve the ViewParams string by calling External.viewParameters.


Version: Windows Media Player 11.

Library: Use wmp.dll.

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