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RapiConfig.exe is a desktop configuration tool that allows execution of provisioning XML on a Windows Mobile-based device or emulator connected using ActiveSync.

RAPICONFIG [/M] [/V] filename


  • /M
    Return metadata
  • /V
    Validates the provisioning document. No changes are made.
  • filename
    Specifies XML configuration document


This version of Rapiconfig.exe is located in the tools directory of the Windows Mobile Version 5.0 SDK. Either the mobile operator or the corporate manager can use this tool to configure the device. For example, to provision a device, you would type rapiconfig <provisioning.xml>. For information about provisioning a device using this tool, see Provisioning From a Desktop Computer Using Remote API and ActiveSync.

Note   Bootstrapping a Windows Mobile-based device using RAPI is disabled by default. For more information see Enabling Remote API (RAPI) Bootstrapping.

As of Windows Mobile Version 5.0, if you enable Normal mode on the non-phone version of Pocket PC (I.e., Lock the device), you can change it back to Trusted mode using Rapiconfig.exe. If you change the Grant Manager Role from USER_AUTH to MANAGER, and then enable Normal mode, you can no longer change it back to Trusted mode using Rapiconfig.exe.

For more information about rapiconfig.exe, type rapiconfig /? to access the rapiconfig.exe help file.

Rapiconfig.exe in Windows Mobile 2003 SDKs differs slightly. In earlier versions, you must enter the /p parameter to execute the tool as shown in the following syntax.:

RAPICONFIG [/P] [/M] filename

Note   RapiConfig uses RAPI APIs to perform operations on the device. RAPI calls will fail if the device has been configured to run in Restricted security mode, and therefore the RapiConfig tool will not function properly. For more information on RAPI security modes, see RAPI Restricted Mode Security.

For more information about older versions of rapiconfig.exe, type rapiconfig /h to access the rapiconfig.exe help file.

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