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FAQs About Submitting Feedback

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The following are answers to questions that you might have about submitting feedback and how your feedback or email address information is used.

If you are interested in submitting feedback on our documentation, return to the Help topic you were reading and click the Send feedback link at the bottom of the topic.

Why are you collecting feedback?

What happens to my feedback after I send it?

What do you do with my e-mail address?

Why are you collecting feedback by e-mail instead of a Web-based form?

How does this feedback mechanism differ from Microsoft Product Support Services, the MSDN Mobile and Embedded Development Web site, and newsgroups?

Q: Why are you collecting feedback?

A: Because we know our documentation can always be improved.

Historically, contact between members of the documentation team and our customers has been limited to ad-hoc encounters at trade shows and conferences.

We have found that our customers typically have very useful, meaningful, and thoughtful opinions about our documentation.

We want more of that kind of feedback.

Q: What happens to my feedback after I send it?

A: We generally handle user feedback like this:

  1. Your feedback goes to an internal e-mail alias monitored by members of the documentation team. We decide on a case-by-case basis who should handle the feedback:

    • Feedback about technical content in the documentation (for example, errors, inconsistencies, or oversights in the documentation instructions or examples) is reviewed by the writer responsible for topics related to those issues.
    • Feedback that requests documentation, or comments on overall content organization is reviewed by our content specialists.
    • Feedback about broader, product-wide issues should be submitted to a more appropriate forum; we can only accept documentation-related feedback through this feedback channel.
    • Feedback about nondocumentation issues is returned with suggestions for what other feedback channels would be more appropriate. For more information, see "What can I send feedback about?"
  2. A member of the documentation team replies to your feedback as soon as possible, either to ask you for clarification about issues you raise or to inform you of the action we are taking in response to your feedback.

  3. If your feedback prompts significant work in our documentation, then when work relating to your feedback is completed, you will receive another e-mail message informing you of the changes made to the documentation to address the issues you raised.

    Note Many factors affect whether we make changes based on feedback. Although we take customer feedback very seriously, we might not be able to implement all suggestions we receive.

Q: What do you do with my e-mail address?

A: We keep track of your e-mail address to communicate with you about the feedback you send.

Additionally your e-mail address may be used to follow up with you on other product and documentation improvement issues (e.g., invitations to participate in documentation surveys or focus groups).

Your participation in this feedback process does not affect your membership with or include you on Microsoft’s other email lists.

Q: Why are you collecting feedback by e-mail instead of a Web-based form?

A: For several reasons:

  • The linking functionality supported in HTML Help makes it possible for us to collect information about the specific product version you are using and which topic's feedback link you clicked. This is helpful because it allows us to isolate problem areas in our documentation.
  • Depending on the nature of your feedback, we might need to contact you for clarification on the issues you encountered. E-mail is a convenient mechanism for doing so.
  • E-mail is a free-form input mechanism; you can tell us as much as you choose about the product documentation. If we provided a Web-based questionnaire, we would have to anticipate your feedback in advance, which would limit the kind of feedback we need the most — feedback we cannot anticipate.

Q: How does this feedback mechanism differ from Microsoft Product Support Services, the MSDN Mobile and Embedded Development Web site, and newsgroups?

A: This e-mail feedback mechanism gives you a direct channel to the documentation team for comments about the documentation. This e-mail mechanism is only for feedback related to the Windows Embedded product documentation.

Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) offers many support options for our customers, including varying levels of technical support and a mechanism for feedback on Microsoft products.

The MSDN® Mobile and Embedded Development Web site, and newsgroups provide you with convenient access to the worldwide community of developers working with Windows Embedded target devices.

The worldwide Windows Embedded developer community offers quick solutions to problems, discussion about programming and engineering best-practices for Windows Embedded platforms, and discussion with Microsoft staff working on Windows Embedded products.

By using these feedback channels, you can have a powerful voice in guiding our content development efforts.

We appreciate the time you take to let us know what you think.

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