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Services.exe Application Development for Windows Mobile-based Devices

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The programming model for writing services and writing device drivers is very similar in Windows CE-based devices. You can develop a server that runs on Device.exe rather than on Services.exe, but has the identical code, provided your server does not require advanced features offered by Services.exe. However developing a server that runs on Device.exe instead of on Services.exe is done at the expense of the increased stability that Services.exe offers. If a driver does not need access to hardware or it does not need to use intra-process communication to another device driver, writing it as a service for Services.exe is highly recommended.

Services.exe can also be configured to wait on connections from multiple sockets for multiple services. Upon arrival of a connection request from a particular socket, Services.exe dispatches the request to the registered service.

Note   Services.exe helps prevent a device failure resulting from a service crash, but it does not prevent a resulting crash in another unrelated service. All services should be properly debugged prior to deployment.

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