Azure Percept known issues


Retirement of Azure Percept DK:

Update 22 February 2023: A firmware update for the Percept DK Vision and Audio accessory components (also known as Vision and Audio SOM) is now available here, and will enable the accessory components to continue functioning beyond the retirement date.

The Azure Percept public preview will be evolving to support new edge device platforms and developer experiences. As part of this evolution the Azure Percept DK and Audio Accessory and associated supporting Azure services for the Percept DK will be retired March 30th, 2023.

Effective March 30th, 2023, the Azure Percept DK and Audio Accessory will no longer be supported by any Azure services including Azure Percept Studio, OS updates, containers updates, view web stream, and Custom Vision integration. Microsoft will no longer provide customer success support and any associated supporting services. For more information, please visit the Retirement Notice Blog Post.

Here are issues with the Azure Percept DK, Azure Percept Audio, or Azure Percept Studio that the product teams are aware of. Workarounds and troubleshooting steps are provided where possible. If you're blocked by any of these issues, you can post it as a question on Microsoft Q&A or submit a customer support request in the Azure portal.

Area Symptoms Description of Issue Workaround
Azure Percept DK Unable to deploy the sample and demo models in Azure Percept Studio Sometimes the azureeyemodule or azureearspeechmodule modules stop running. edgeAgent logs show "too many levels of symbolic links" error. Reset your device by updating it over USB
Localization Non-English speaking users may see parts of the Azure Percept DK setup experience display English text. The Azure Percept DK setup experience isn't fully localized. Fix is scheduled for July 2021
Azure Percept DK When going through the setup experience on a Mac, the setup experience my abruptly close after connecting to Wi-Fi. When going through the setup experience on a Mac, it initially opens in a window rather than a web browser. The window isn't persisted once the connection switches from the device's access point to Wi-Fi. Open a web browser and go to, which will allow you to complete the setup experience.
Azure Percept DK The dev kit is running a custom model and after rebooting the dev kit it runs the default sample model. The module twin container for the custom model doesn't persist across device reboots. After the reboot, the module twin for the custom module must be rebuilt which can take 5 minutes or longer. The dev kit will run the default model until that process is completed. After a reboot, you must wait until the custom module twin is recreated.