Azure Billing REST API Reference (Preview)


The Azure Billing APIs provide access to resource consumption and metadata information for Azure subscriptions, providing the ability to better predict and manage Azure costs. For a conceptual overview of these APIs, including feature highlights and possible usage scenarios, see the Azure Billing Usage and RateCard APIs overview.

All task operations conform to the HTTP/1.1 protocol specification and each operation returns an x-ms-request-id header that can be used to obtain information about the request. You must also make sure that requests made to these resources are secure. This typically includes using an encrypted channel over SSL/HTTPS, and using Azure Active Directory for authentication. Please also make sure that the calling user or the service principal is a member of the Owner, Contributor or Reader role in the Azure AD tenant for the requested subscription. For more information on authentication, see Authenticating Azure Resource Manager requests.

More specifically, these APIs allow you to query Billing data at the Azure subscription level for the following categories:

Common tasks

Resource Usage

Resource RateCard