Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio provides a highly productive way to create and integrate interactive, presentation-quality reports into your Windows, Web or XML Web Services applications. The embedded graphical designer lets you to easily create reports from within your IDE and minimizes the intensive coding normally associated with report development.

This help provides you with information that ranges from basic concepts to detailed instructions on how to create Web or Windows applications in Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008.

In this section:

  • Start Here

    This section introduces Crystal Reports and the common use cases for this SDK.

  • Architecture

    This section describes the three features that form the core of the architecture and compares the architecture across all Business Objects reporting solutions.

  • SDK Fundamentals

    In this section, you explore the fundamentals of the Crystal Reports SDK. These fundamentals help you plan the structure of your project.

  • Setting Up the Development Environment

    This section gives detailed instructions on how to install and configure your development environment, and how to create a Web site or Windows project in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.

  • Tutorials

    This section presents a large selection of tutorials that enable you to work with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.

  • Deployment

    This section describes the deployment process for Web or Windows applications that use Crystal Reports.

  • Creating Reports