ASP.NET Configuration SettingsĀ 

ASP.NET configuration files are XML files. The .NET Framework defines a set of elements that implement configuration settings, and the ASP.NET configuration schema contains elements that control how ASP.NET Web applications behave.

Default configuration settings are specified in the Machine.config file located in the %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\versionNumber\CONFIG\ directory. Values are inherited by child sites and applications. If there is a configuration file in a child site or application, the inherited values do not appear, but can be overridden and are available to the configuration API.

This section describes the ASP.NET configuration schema elements that can be configured in the Machine.config file and in application-specific Web.config files. The table of contents for this section reflects the schema hierarchy.


ASP.NET configuration applies only to ASP.NET resources. Use the configuration features of IIS to configure non-ASP.NET resources. For information, see Working with the Metabase (IIS 6.0) and the IIS Metabase Property Reference.

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