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<wsdlHelpGenerator> Element

Specifies the Web service Help page (an .aspx file) that is displayed to a browser when the browser navigates directly to an ASMX Web services page.

<wsdlHelpGenerator href="path.aspx"/>

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description


Required attribute.

The file path to the Help page.

Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description


The root element in every configuration file used by the common language runtime and .NET Framework applications.


Specifies the root element for the ASP.NET configuration section.


Controls the settings of Web services deployed using ASP.NET and of Web service clients running on the .NET Framework.


You can create your own Help page containing images and text for your Web service application. The following code example is an excerpt from a Web.config file that sets the Help page to a custom MyServiceHelpPage.aspx file in the docs folder beneath the folder containing the main application files and the Web.config file.

The value of href is a file path, not a URL. The file path can be relative or absolute. If it is relative, it is relative to the location of the configuration file.


         <wsdlHelpGenerator href="docs/MyServiceHelpPage.aspx"/>

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