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Support and community for hardware developers

The Windows Hardware Dev Center provides community and informational support for you and your business. If you haven’t found the right info yet, check these sources, use troubleshooting tools, or contact Microsoft.

Find the answer

Use get started guides

Use get started guides

Develop drivers: get started

Certify: get started

Deploy: get started

Dashboard services: get started

Ask the community

Ask the community

MSDN Hardware dev forums

Windows Certification blog

Microsoft Windows blog

MSDN blogs

TechNet blogs

OSR driver dev forum

Build your knowledge

Build your knowledge

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Hardware archive

Hardware video library

Subscribe to updates

Subscribe to updates

Windows Certification updates




Download kits and tools


Tools for software tracing

Tools for verifying drivers

Tools for debugging drivers

Tools for signing drivers


Troubleshooting the HCK



Deployment troubleshooting and log files


Resources for Windows assessment console

Troubleshooting Windows assessment services

Contact Microsoft

WDK support

Support for WDK 10

Support for WDK 8

Support for WDK 7

HCK support

Support for Windows HCK 8.1

Support for all other HCK releases

Dashboard support

Contact Windows Sysdev Dashboard support

Microsoft Support

Contact Microsoft Support