Add Method

Adds a QualifiedIdentifier. If either QualifiedIdentifier already contain an array, the item is added to the array, otherwise a new embedded array is returned.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Tools.Model
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Tools.Model (in Microsoft.Data.Tools.Model.dll)


Public Function Add ( _
    qualifier2 As QualifiedIdentifier _
) As QualifiedIdentifier
Dim instance As QualifiedIdentifier
Dim qualifier2 As QualifiedIdentifier
Dim returnValue As QualifiedIdentifier

returnValue = instance.Add(qualifier2)
public QualifiedIdentifier Add(
    QualifiedIdentifier qualifier2
QualifiedIdentifier^ Add(
    QualifiedIdentifier^ qualifier2
member Add : 
        qualifier2:QualifiedIdentifier -> QualifiedIdentifier 
public function Add(
    qualifier2 : QualifiedIdentifier
) : QualifiedIdentifier


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Data.Tools.Model..::..QualifiedIdentifier
The new qualified identifier

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