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Backing Up and Restoring Team Foundation Server Data

As a database administrator, you know that backups are required for successful recovery from data corruption or server failure. As a Team Foundation Server administrator, you must consider restoration of not only the data, but the application-tier services that use the data.

You can use backups to recover Team Foundation Server services in the following scenarios.

  • Data-only recovery for single server or dual server deployments   If the Team Foundation data tier server becomes corrupted, you can use backups to restore the full database and the transaction logs to an uncorrupted state.

  • Server recovery for single server deployments   If the computer fails and you have a second computer, you can set up another single server deployment and restore the full database and transaction logs.

  • Server recovery for a dual-server deployment   If the Team Foundation data-tier server fails, you can set up another Team Foundation data-tier server and restore the full database and transaction logs.

The databases are the major component to restore. All other recovery steps configure the Team Foundation application-tier services to connect to that restored data. Typically, you restore to the original server and the services are already configured to use that server name. However, if you restore to a different server, you must perform additional configuration steps to update the services to connect to the new server.

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