GetResponse Callback Function

The GetResponse function returns the attributes that are sent in the response if the final outcome of request processing matches the specified response type.

  [in]                 _RADIUS_EXTENSION_CONTROL_BLOCK* This,
  [in]                 RADIUS_CODE rcResponseType


  • This
    Pointer to a RADIUS_EXTENSION_CONTROL_BLOCK structure. IAS passes the Extension DLL a pointer to this structure when it calls the RadiusExtensionProcess2 function.

  • rcResponseType
    Specifies the response type. This parameter must be one of the values enumerated by the RADIUS_CODE enumeration type. Otherwise, the function fails, returning NULL.

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is a pointer to a RADIUS_ATTRIBUTE_ARRAY structure that represents the attributes in the RADIUS response.

If the function fails, the return value is a NULL pointer.


An Extension DLL can use GetResponse to retrieve and modify the attributes for any valid response type regardless of the request's current disposition. For example, an Extension DLL could set the response type to rcAccessAccept, but still add attributes to those returned in the case of an rcAccessReject. The response specified by the Extension DLL (rcAccessAccept in this example) could be overridden during further processing.

To modify the attributes, the Extension DLL uses the functions provided as members of the RADIUS_ATTRIBUTE_ARRAY structure.

This function is provided by Internet Authentication Service (IAS). IAS returns a pointer to this function as a member of the RADIUS_EXTENSION_CONTROL_BLOCK structure.



Requires Windows ServerĀ 2008 or Windows ServerĀ 2003.


Declared in AuthIf.h.

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