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Fields Collection

Contains all the Field objects of a Recordset or Record object.


A Recordset object has a Fields collection made up of Field objects. Each Field object corresponds to a column in the Recordset. You can populate the Fields collection before opening the Recordset by calling the Refresh method on the collection.

Note   See the Field object topic for a more detailed explanation of how to use Field objects.

The Fields collection has an Append method, which provisionally creates and adds a Field object to the collection, and an Update method, which finalizes any additions or deletions.

A Record object has two special fields that can be indexed with FieldEnum constants. One constant accesses a field containing the default stream for the Record, and the other accesses a field containing the absolute URL string for the Record.

Certain providers (for example, the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing) may populate the Fields collection with a subset of available fields for the Record or Recordset. Other fields will not be added to the collection until they are first referenced by name or indexed by your code.

If you attempt to reference a nonexistent field by name, a new Field object will be appended to the Fields collection with a Status of adFieldPendingInsert. When you call Update, ADO will create a new field in your data source if allowed by your provider.

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