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Field Object

Represents a column of data with a common data type.


Each Field object corresponds to a column in the Recordset. You use the Value property of Field objects to set or return data for the current record. Depending on the functionality the provider exposes, some collections, methods, or properties of a Field object may not be available.

With the collections, methods, and properties of a Field object, you can do the following:

  • Return the name of a field with the Name property.
  • View or change the data in the field with the Value property. Value is the default property of the Field object.
  • Return the basic characteristics of a field with the Type, Precision, and NumericScale properties.
  • Return the declared size of a field with the DefinedSize property.
  • Return the actual size of the data in a given field with the ActualSize property.
  • Determine what types of functionality are supported for a given field with the Attributes property and Properties collection.
  • Manipulate the values of fields containing long binary or long character data with the AppendChunk and GetChunk methods.
  • If the provider supports batch updates, resolve discrepancies in field values during batch updating with the OriginalValue and UnderlyingValue properties.

All of the metadata properties (Name, Type, DefinedSize, Precision, and NumericScale) are available before opening the Field object's Recordset. Setting them at that time is useful for dynamically constructing forms.

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