High DPI Display

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Windows Mobile software supports high dots-per-inch (DPI) display. In the previous versions of Windows Mobile software for Pocket PC and Smartphone, device drivers that use the GPE returned a hard-coded value of 96 DPI. For devices based on Windows Mobile 2003 and later, the DPI settings are configurable. The following table shows the commonly used DPI settings on new devices.

Mobile device type DPI setting
QVGA Pocket PC, 176x220 Smartphone, 240x240 Pocket PC 96 DPI
QVGA Smartphone 131 DPI
VGA Pocket PC, 480x480 Pocket PC 192 DPI

To query the DPI settings in Windows Mobile 2003 and later, the device drivers can return the appropriate values in response to a GetDeviceCaps function call or by DrvEnablePDEV.

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