MSDN Academic Alliance Memberships Comparison

  Developer AA Designer AA
Products Included*    
    Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate  
    Visual Studio 2010 Premium  
    Visual Studio 2010 Professional
    Visual Studio Test Professional 2010  
    Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010
    Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite  
    Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server  
    Visual Studio 2008 Professional
    Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise
    Windows Vista Business Edition
    Windows XP Professional  
    Windows XP Home Edition  
    Windows Server 1
    SQL Server 2
    Exchange Server  
    Expression 3
    Office Project Professional 4
    Office Visio Professional 5
    Compute Cluster Server  
    Groove 6  
    MSDN Library  
    Tech Support (# of Incidents) 4 4
Eligible Academic Departments    
    Art (Fine, Graphics)  
Distribution Method    
    Physical Distribution from Administrator
    1-year (media shipment + online) $799 N/A
    1-year (online only) $499 $399
    3-year (media shipment + online) $1,437 N/A
    3-year (online only) $1,025 $847
*The information is representative and not comprehensive.  Products, versions, and availability are subject to change.
** U.S. prices only. Prices for non-U.S. customers may vary depending on local business rules.
1 Windows Server includes both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Web, Standard, and Enterprise. Developer AA also includes Datacenter Edition.
2 SQL Server includes both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Standard, Workgroup, Express and Developer. Developer AA also includes Compact Edition.
3 Expression Web, Blend and Studio included. Expression Studio includes Web, Blend, Media and Design.
4 Developer AA also includes Office Project Standard and Project Server
5 Developer AA also includes Office Visio Standard
6 Developer AA includes both Groove and Groove Server