About the Developer AA Subscription

The MSDNAA Subscription for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Departments is known as Developer AA. Here's a summary of the products and services currently provided as part of your Developer AA Membership:

Visual Studio, Windows Server, .NET Enterprise Servers (various Windows servers including Compute Cluster Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server, Host Integration Server, Systems Management Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint Portal Server), MSDN Library, Windows 7, Windows Vista Business Edition, Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition, Visio, Microsoft Project, and the Expression Studio suite. The Developer AA subscription also provides tech support including 4 support incidents, access to the e-academy License Management System (ELMS) option for electronic management of software and license keys, DVD-based shipment option, and more.

Developer AA Subscription Details

Subscription Type Pricing (US$) What's included  
Developer AA
1 year (online only) $499
3 years (online only) $1,025
Everything listed in the "detailed list" section, including the option to electronically manage software distribution to students through the e-academy License Management System (ELMS)—or we can host it for you at no extra cost. Buy now
Developer AA
Online + Media
1 year (online + media) $799
3 years (online + media) $1,437
As above, plus DVD-based shipment of media.
Program Administrators will receive periodic deliveries of physical media.
Buy now
Developer AA
Membership Renewal
1 year (online only) $320
1 year (online + media) $399
3 years (online only) $799
3 years (online + media) $1,079  
As above, for current subscribers only Renew
** U.S. prices only. Prices for non-U.S. customers may vary.
Developer AA Online Subscription includes electronic delivery of all Developer AA titles to the Program Administrator during the designated subscription period. The license terms are identical to those of the extra-cost DVD fulfillment option. Review Usage Guidelines and License terms.

Additional Benefits

Every Developer AA membership includes the following benefits:

  • License to install the software on any number of lab machines used by the department for instructional and research purposes.
  • License to provide the software to students taking courses that lead to credit or a certificate within the department
  • Electronic software distribution to students through e-academy License Management Systems (ELMS)
  • Four technical support incidents, access to the managed newsgroups, and Online Concierge.